1. How can I get an application?
There are three ways to get an application form:
From either your high school (for entrance awards) or your college (for upper-year awards). Forms will be available January 18, 2006.
From our website. You can download the application form by clicking here for the entrance application or by clicking here for the upper-year application.
From our main office. If the first two options are not available to you, you can call us toll-free at 1-866-544-2673.

2. Can I fill in the application form online?
Yes, you have the option of completing the application online. However, you cannot submit the application online – it must be mailed to us with original transcripts. You can also print it out and fill it in using a typewriter or cut and paste answers from a computer by printing them on a separate piece of paper and then pasting them onto the application.

3. Can I photocopy the application?
Yes, you may photocopy the application as often as you like.

4. How many copies of the application form do I need to submit?
All applicants must submit one original copy (bearing your signature) and one photocopy of your application to us. You must also submit one official transcript and one photocopied transcript with your application.

Staple the original transcript at the end of the original application and staple the photocopied transcript at the end of the photocopied application.

5. What is the difference between an ENTRANCE AWARD and an UPPER-YEAR AWARD?
Entrance awards are only open to students who are entering college for the first time in the fall of 2006. Upper-year awards are open to students who are already enrolled in college and have at least one full academic year left in their current college program and will be pursuing this on a full-time basis. Please check the relevant section of this website for further eligibility requirements for each award.

6. How do I get my college administrator to nominate me for an upper-year award?
Students will have to first submit their application directly to the designated representative at their institution. For a list of contacts and deadlines, click here. The representative will determine whom to nominate from the submitted applications, and will then forward the nominated applications directly to the GWMSC program.

7. What if my college is not on the list of participating colleges?
If you are a college administrator and are interested in joining our consortium, please contact Natasha Sawh at 1-866-544-2673 x224 or at natasha.sawh@cmsf.ca.

8. Do I have to apply separately for national, regional and provincial awards?
No, there is only one application form for all award levels.Important: Applications for entrance awards and upper-year awards are different. Please be sure to fill in the correct application.

9. Are your awards open to university-bound students?
No, the Garfield Weston Merit Scholarship for Colleges program does not offer awards to university-bound students. However, the Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation (CMSF) does offer scholarships to students planning on attending a Canadian university. To see if you are eligible, visit www.cmsf.ca.

10. What is the deadline for the awards?
Applications for the Garfield Weston Merit Scholarship for Colleges entrance awards must be received (not postmarked) by April 12, 2006.
Applicants to the Garfield Weston Merit Scholarships for Colleges upper-year awards are responsible for finding out when applications are due at their college in order to be considered for nomination. Click here for college representatives and deadlines.

11. I missed the deadline for the application, do you consider late applications?
We do not accept any late applications.

12. I am a student applying from outside of Canada. Can I apply for your scholarship?
Yes, if you meet all the eligibility criteria. Our entrance and upper-year awards are open to Canadian citizens and residents only, and upper-year award applicants must be enrolled in a participating Canadian community college.

13. I will be/am attending a college that is not on your list of participating community colleges, am I still eligible for your awards?
Our National Awards are available only to students entering or enrolled in participating community colleges in Canada. A list of all participating institutions can be found here. If your college is interested in joining our consortium, please contact us at 1-866-544-2673 or westonawards@cmsf.ca.

Our regional and provincial awards are available to students entering or enrolled in any public community college in Canada.

14. I am interested in attending a private college, am I eligible for this award?
Our awards are not available to students entering or enrolled in private institutions.

15. Can you tell me more details about your awards?
General information on eligibility, award amounts, and what we look for in scholarship applicants can be found in the section of the website detailing each award. Please contact us directly if you would like additional information about your application.

16. Who should I choose to write me a reference letter?
Make sure to choose someone who is not a relative but who knows you and your activities well. Provide him or her with a copy of your completed application and with information on our program.

17. When will I be notified about the status of my application?
Entrance award applicants wishing to receive an acknowledgement of receipt of their application should include a self-addressed and stamped envelope with their application.
Upper-year award applicants will receive acknowledgement of receipt of their application through an email to their college representative.
Successful entrance and upper-year award applicants will be notified by two weeks before interviews. Only students who are being invited to interviews will be notified of their application status.

18. Can I defer my award?
Normally, GWMSC awards may not be deferred.