What Is the Difference between White Hat and Black Hat SEO?

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If you know anything about the search engine optimization, then you must be aware of the terms white hat and black hat SEO.

You must be thinking which one gives you the best results. Well, they both do. The problem is that you will be punished by Google if you decide to work with the wrong one. Thus, it will help you to know the difference between the two techniques. Below is some information provided by SEO Burlington, so that you cannot be fooled into any SEO trap.


What Is White Hat SEO?

To provide people with the most trustworthy and informative results, the search engine continuously upgrades their algorithm. Using this kind of SEO you organic traffic can come to your way. This is considered to be the right kind of SEO that the professionals should practice. There are some specific ways applying which you can boost the organic search traffic to your website.

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Tactics of White Hat SEO

Backlinking: There are some general tactics which are used by the professionals. One of them is backlinking. If any reputed website links your webpage to their content, then your page is back linked with that page. As per SEO Burlington this is just like a vote of confidence that your site is getting from other sites.

Quality Content: Another way you can do this is by creating a quality content for your website. You have to create original and long-form content to hook the interest of general people. You can also use email campaigns and social campaigns to make people aware of your website. In this way, the visibility of your website increases and the website gets organic traffic all the time.

KeyWords and Keywords Analysis: This is the inevitable step that you have to take to get high ranking.

Organize The Size: You will want the search engine bots to mover through your sites with ease. To do that you need to organize your sites accordingly. Make clear Headers and titles as the search engines have a little bias for them. Put the important keywords into the headers so that the search bots can find it easily. To know more such tactics contact SEO Burlington.


What Is Black Hat SEO?

In this process, a kind of ploy is used to lure the machines that are continuously searching inside the search engine. These tactics are done only for the machines and not for the actual people who are searching for the information.

The SEO Burlington thinks that this kind of techniques is used in by some shady professionals to satisfy their quick-paying business model.

Tactics of Black Hat SEO

Scraped Content: As the websites are likely to be penalized by the search engines, most of the sites are made with scraped materials.

Automation: They use content automation to create little or no valuable content. They might use software to create thousands of low-value backlinks in a very little time.

Gateway Pages: They use such pages which get the user through right keywords and then redirect them to a completely different site.

It is up to you what kind of so you want for your site. You just should remember that it is not a sprint. SEO is a marathon which has just started. Decide whether you want to stay to the end now. Take help of SEO Burlington to decide the correct path for you.